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'Rules of Racing'

Key changes for 2017/18


1. The World Final Grid 2018

Number of qualifiers from each nation:
• ENGLAND (17)
• 'Wild Card' (1)
Bonus place (1) for highest % growth in non-English region will no longer apply.


• Grading i.e. WHITE, YELLOW, BLUE, RED will continue to be based upon a drivers points average.
• Grids in England at each World Series round will be created following a draw within each grade, reversed for the 2nd heat, as is already adopted in Northern Ireland.
• Scotland and Southern Ireland grid formation for each heat will remain unchanged i.e. as calculated by the NHRPA Points Keeper & Grader.
• The grid for the final will continue to be based upon points scored from the two heats - highest points scorer at the front of the grid.



• One new 'slick' or 'wet' tyre may be registered at each meeting (except specified championship meetings i.e. WORLD, NATIONAL, EUROPEAN, BRITISH) - it will be the drivers decision whether they use the tyre at the meeting it is registered or whether they carry forward to use at a future meeting. 
• All tyres, slick and wet that a driver intends to use, must be logged for pre-meeting scrutiny. Any driver not logging wet tyres at this time will not be permitted to use them.
• Specific permission must be given by the NHRPA to transfer tyres to another driver, however, any such tyre(s) must have been used at 3 meetings or more.
• Any new driver using 4 new tyres at their first meeting will have this meeting recorded as their 'joker' round.
• Any weekend championship events (other than the 4 main championship events listed) will be classified as one meeting whether this event be held over 1 or 2 days. Therefore only one new tyre will be permitted during this meeting.


21/06/17:  National Hot Rod racing's governing body is pleased to announce that after a short break, Brian Oliver and Chris Earl are returning to full duties with the NHRPA with our wholehearted support and backing. We will be having an NHRPA meeting on the Friday of Spedeweekend, and from then, going forward, it's business as usual.

Additional Bonus World Final Allocation

The NHRPA is pleased to announce the following.   Due to there being two different methods of deciding which nation would receive the extra car bonus on the world final grid, the NHRPA has accepted the validity of both systems.  The two nations registering the biggest growth this season were Scotland and Northern Ireland, both will have their first non-qualifier from their world series added to the list of qualifiers.  They are #94 Steven Armit (Scotland) and #977 Ian McReynolds (Northern Ireland).  End.

Driver Disciplined

Following an incident in the final at Ballymena Raceway on Friday 5th of May, driver 75 Carl Sloan was disqualified and loaded up from the event, with the incident referred to the sport's governing body, the NHRPA.  Having reviewed the incident, the NHRPA awarded driver 75 the time equivalent of a ten meeting ban with six meetings of the ban suspended pending future good behaviour.  He may return to racing from Monday July 3rd 2017.

Technical Bulletin updated 18th April 2017


Driver-side, side view aperture.

One round hole may be made in the B pillar on the driver’s side of the car to aid the driver’s vision.  The hole must be no larger than 75mm and must be covered with clear Perspex.  This must be fixed by rivets/nuts and bolts, or bonded in place.


This rule change is with immediate effect.


Fuel Non-Return Valves

These were included as an ORCi requirement in Oval Race formulae some time ago.

A fully operational/working non-return valve MUST be fitted.

From the 1st May 2017 drivers are now warned that contravention of this rule will result in an automatic mandatory ban under the technical rules/penalties of 6 months.  This applies to any driver not having a fully working non-return valve fitted and/or it being tampered with in any way.

Issued ORCi 6th April 2017


Confirmation of Current 2017 Rule Amendments

These are in addition to, or replacing existing 2016 Technical Rules


*  The visible reverse of all fin plates must be white.


*  In-board suspension rocker ratios: Ratios must be the same from side to side and be symmetrical. Only one rocker per corner.


*  Alloy diff casings are banned.


*  To aid track officials, recovery staff and prevent vehicle damage for 2017 all cars must have 2 x front and 2 x rear lifting straps. This is mandatory from resumption of racing in each region.


Front straps are to be mounted to the frame in either side of the front bumper aperture, must be folded back up to the chassis and cable tied so they do not trail on the track during racing.


Rear straps are to be mounted to the frame, must be folded back up to the chassis and cable tied so they do not trail on the track during racing but are long enough so they come ‘out and up’ from the rear bumper. The rear wing / spoiler must be quick release or pivot forward to prevent damage.


*  No undertray or under car wind diffusers are permitted. A flat sump guard of ally (2mm thick) or fibreglass (3mm thick) no wider than the under chassis rails may be fitted and start no more than 150mm ahead of the most forward part of the engine, to extend no further than 1" past the rear of the block.


*  Gearbox and prop tunnel must not be covered in from the underside of the car.   If your car has a gearbox/prop tunnel already welded in from the underside, you may drill a minimum of 12 holes front to back at a minimum size of 40mm.


*  Wet tyres may ONLY be used when the NHRPA Steward declares the meeting is wet.

Wet tyres must have been declared and logged as per NHRPA rules.


*  Amendment to NHRPA Technical Rules (Wheels and Tyres)

Wheel studs must visibly protrude through all wheel nuts at all times.


2016/17 NHRPA Technical Specifications Download

Temporarily removed while updates are processed

For clarifications contact the NHRPA at Spedeworth International 01252 322920


Rules of Racing Update

National Hot Rod racing’s governing body, the NHRPA, is introducing a number of measures for 2017 to enhance and improve our spectators, fans and racers’ experience of a race meeting.   The prime change is that the steward’s decision on a race result, and any penalties, on the day, will be final.  Any driver disputing any verdict will retain the right to protest only against any penalty points issued, or against any ban which may ensue.  The result as declared by the steward will however, once confirmed and announced, be final.

2017 World Series Ireland round 8

Tipperary, Sunday 19th March

The scrutiny records for the cars that took part in this meeting submitted by the promoter to the NHRPA were found to be inadequate and incomplete.  The NHRPA requires complete and auditable technical records to be kept for matters of legality and traceability in all regions.  In accordance with this, the sport’s governing body has declared this event to be null and void, with no points or prizes awarded to any competitor.  The promoter has been advised that any repeat of this situation will be unacceptable, and he in turn has put in place new personnel and procedures.

Automatic bans triggered

At Birmingham Wheels on March 4th, car 113 was found to be running in contravention of NHRPA tyre logging rules.  Any car running in contravention of NHRPA tyre logging rules will receive an automatic ban the equivalent of two world series rounds in the series in which he is registered.

Stuart McLaird may return to racing on or after Saturday 15th April 2017.


At Lochgelly Raceway on March 4th, car 844 was found to be running in contravention of NHRPA tyre logging rules.  Any car running in contravention of NHRPA tyre logging rules will receive an automatic ban the equivalent of two world series rounds in the series in which he is registered.

Billy Bonnar may return to racing on or after Monday 24th April 2017.

2017 NHRPA National Hot Rod

Drivers Racing Contract and Licence


Download the form, print and complete it and return with payment as advised.

Click below for download.

2017 NHRPA Licence Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [507.1 KB]

Automatic ban triggered
Following post-race checks after the world series round 4 final at Ipswich on Saturday 24th September, car 117 was found to be running an unlogged tyre.
Any car found on the track with an unlogged slick or wet tyre will receive an automatic two world qualifying meeting ban.
Robert McDonald may return to racing on or after Sunday 23rd October 2016

Automatic ban triggered
Following post-race checks after the Leslie Dallas Memorial race at Tullyroan on Sunday 18th September, car 54 was found to be running an unlogged tyre.

Any car found on the track with an unlogged slick or wet tyre will receive an automatic two world qualifying meeting ban.

Tyres were found to be correct following the British Championship previously, this result stands.  Adam Hylands may return to racing on or after Saturday 8th October 2016.

NHRPA Disciplines Two Drivers

Following the red flag to end race two at Northampton Raceway on August 29th, drivers 45 Mark Edwards and 333 Paul Gomm were accused of post-race contact and aggressive driving causing a danger to themselves, other drivers and track staff.  Additionally, driver 45 was charged with attempting to “fence” car 333 at speed, and driver 333 was charged with aggressive and unsportsmanlike behaviour to an official.  Both drivers were “loaded-up” from the race meeting and referred to the NHRPA for further investigation.

A full NHRPA inquiry was held using video evidence and witness statements. 

Both Mark Edwards and Paul Gomm have been issued with a ban equal to ten meetings in the English National Hot Rod world series.  Both have had seven meetings of this ban suspended pending future good behaviour.  They may not race for a period equal to three meetings in the English world series, and will be eligible to compete again after 23rd October 2016.



NHRPA National Hot Rod

'Rules of Racing' - July 2016

(now available to download at the bottom of this information)

To all National Hot Rod drivers, promoters and officials:

The NHRPA would like to communicate a summary of confirmed changes (and in some instances to confirm no change) to the NHR 'rules of racing' in readiness for the 2016/17 season. Please read through the document to review all the changes [** NEW ** has been added to the text where appropriate]. 

1. World qualifying grids and points

• Grids for heats still based upon averages, lowest at front of grid and highest at the back, calculated for round 1 using a drivers best 3 scores (excluding any bonus points, double points and penalties) from the previous season. Returning drivers will have average based upon best/last 3 scores from last time they raced. New drivers either seeded into grid based upon experience or will race from back of grid. More specific details can be found in the updated 'Rules of Racing' document.
• Northern Ireland: drivers will be graded based upon their averages, and at the Drivers Briefing will draw for their position within that grade in Heat One. Heat Two will then up in reverse order within grades to Heat One.
• Grid for the final will continue to be based upon points scored in the heats with highest scorers at the front.
• 10 attendance points will be re-introduced (drivers must take the green flag to receive these). Proposal considered to include 10 attendance points for other major championships will not apply in 2016/17.
• Points scoring (heats and final) - no change. Proposal considered to change points scoring i.e. 50 points for 1st etc. will not apply in 2016/17.
• 5 bonus points for completing any race will no longer apply.
• The joker round to use 4 new tyres will continue however double points will no longer apply. Joker round null and void if meeting is 'wet'.
• If a drivers books in to a World Series meeting then cancels after the booking deadline, or does not show up on the day of the race meeting, 10 points will be deducted from their points total (unless exceptional circumstances e.g. family bereavement). NHRPA decision will be final. 

2. World Series rounds and no of World Final qualifiers from each nation 

• England, Ireland and NI - 14 World Series rounds, up to 12 rounds count in final points chart. 
• Scotland - 12 World Series rounds, up to 10 rounds count in final points chart. 
• No minimum amount of rounds needed to qualify for 2017 World Final.
• Dropped round scores cannot include meetings where a driver is banned from racing or was loaded up.
• World Final 2017 grid to be made up of the following no of qualifiers:
o England 18
o Northern Ireland 9
o Southern Ireland 3
o Scotland 2
o Continental/South Africa 2/3
o Bonus entry 1 - awarded to the non-English nation that shows highest % growth in cars raced at World Series events over the next 12 months.
o 'Wild Card' 1 - from support car entry (must have raced in 4 WS rounds) 
• World Final 2017 grid will be determined by lap times (as per 2016).

3. Video Appeals

• Any incidents to be reviewed after a meeting will be declared 30 minutes after the final NHR race. Steward will list any incident that he wants to review; drivers can ask for video review/appeal but must pay £30 per appeal. All evidence will be reviewed by the Tuesday after a meeting by 9pm. Any changes to results will be published by 6pm Wednesday. The decision of the NHRPA will be final.

4. Drivers must stay in their cars - ORC rules

• As advised at drivers briefings, any driver who has to retire from a race must stay in their car and remain belted up and wearing their crash helmet. Do not exit your car unless in an emergency i.e. the car is on fire or an official gives you permission to exit.


5. Penalties, Disqualifications and Dockings:  A DQ driver can be removed from the race at – say – a stoppage and restart. So a docked driver is entitled to the place he finishes in, with the DQ driver having been removed. For example: Result: 555 666 777 888 999. Driver 555 DQ, Driver 777 black cross. Driver 777 will be docked two places from the confirmed finish of second after the DQ of Driver 555.


Any changes to National Hot Rod technical specifications will be communicated separately.

Kind Regards,


2016/17 NHRPA National Hot Rod Rules of Racing
Click/tap icon left for .pdf download.
NHRPA rules of racing July 2016 [11.07.2[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [803.1 KB]

National Hot Rod 217 Brett Walter

Following an incident in the pits after the World Final involving team members of NHR driver 217 Brett Walter, reports of intimidating and or threatening behaviour towards another NHR driver were referred to the NHRPA disciplinary panel for investigation.  The NHRPA have investigated this incident having obtained verbal accounts from witnesses as well as video footage. It has been concluded that, during a verbal confrontation, members of the NHR 217 team/family did approach another driver in an intimidating and threatening manner. 


This type of behaviour is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  ‘Rules Of Racing’ dated July 2015 states NHRPA drivers, and drivers competing at NHRPA sanctioned events, are responsible for the good conduct of themselves, their team, their family, and those associated with them. The NHRPA will hold the driver ultimately responsible for any conduct (on or off track) deemed unsuitable, or bringing the sport into disrepute, and will take necessary action up to and including a ban at the NHRPA‘s discretion.  The NHRPA having written to this driver previously in May 2013, regarding a similar incident towards another NHR driver, can confirm their decisions as outlined below. 


1.    NHR driver 217 banned from racing at the next 10 National Hot Rod meetings – 8 of which are suspended – hence he cannot race at World Series round 1 (Aldershot) 24th July 2016 nor can he race at the National Championship 5th- 7th August 2016.  

2.    NHR driver 217 to receive 10 penalty points 

3.    Mark Walter (father of NHR driver 217) has been given a 6 month ban from attending any ORCi raceway/stadium. Ban expires 2nd January 2017.


NHR driver 217 Brett Walter may return to racing at World Series round 2 (Birmingham Wheels) 20th August 2016

New role for John Sibbald


With no point of contact, co-ordination or representation in Scotland for National Hot Rod racing, Deane Wood (Spedeworth M.D.) has announced that former racer John Sibbald has agreed to take on this role.  In a similar way to Darren Black in Northern Ireland, John will pull the formula together in Scotland and be the main point of contact for driving the class forward and building for the future.


John said  "I love Hot Rod racing as everyone knows, and would love to be back out racing but that's not possible at the moment. Hot Rods have been around in Scotland for decades, unfortunately the last few season numbers have dropped and we are in threat of being cut from the NHRPA promotion. My plan is to try and get all the existing licenced drivers and car owners in Scotland together to see what they want from the formula, how can we make it better and where things have gone wrong. I will also try attract new drivers or ex-drivers back to the formula by speaking with them. I am not a promoter, track owner, car builder or rule maker, I have one motive, and that is to get more cars on the track and future-proof the formula in Scotland."


nationalhotrod.com would like to congratulate John and wish him the best of luck in this new position.  Contact details to follow.

NHRPA Statement 08/05/16

Dropped rounds for drivers who have received a load up/ban 

The NHRPA would like to clarify the position for the 2015/16 World Series relating to dropped rounds for any drivers who have received a load up/ban during this qualifying period.

When the concept of dropped rounds was re-introduced [see National Hot Rods 'Rules of Racing' July 2015, section 8.3] the published rules did not clarify the treatment of load ups or bans i.e. whether or not these rounds could be counted as the lowest scoring rounds. 


Two such examples relate to NHR 54 Adam Hylands and NHR 940 Gary Woolsey.

The NHRPA can confirm that any rounds 'missed' as result of load ups or bans will be counted as lowest scoring rounds on the basis that the official 'Rules of Racing' do not state otherwise.

A formal review of the 'Rules of Racing' will be undertaken before the start of the 2016/17 World Series when this specific rule will be re-considered and specific clarification will be published in the 2016 version of the 'Rules of Racing'.    



NHR Rules of Racing 8.6
Final: Only a specified number of cars will qualify for the Final (this will vary from track to track, and drivers will be made aware at each track of the number of cars that may qualify). In England, tracks are limited (at the NHRPA’s discretion) to the following numbers for finals:
Aldershot – 26 cars
Ipswich – 34 cars
Birmingham – 28 cars 
Mendips – 28 cars
Hednesford – 34 cars  
Northampton – 32 cars
Track limits for numbers in finals in other nations are subject to local arrangements at each venue.

Driver 888 Derek Whelan

"Following an incident on 22nd August 2015, driver Derek Whelan #888, was issued with a 10 meeting ban, 8 of which were suspended, by the promoters at Tipperary Raceway. The penalty was applied immediately and the two meeting suspension has now been served".  NHRPA

NHRPA disciplines driver 940 Gary Woolsey

At the British Championship on Saturday 5th September Gary Woolsey received a black flag for an incident with Rob McDonald. An investigation followed by the race steward and the NHRPA. It was deemed that the incident was in retaliation for a move made by Rob McDonald on the previous corner. The NHRPA can issue a ban for up to 10 meetings for retaliation. It has been decided that Gary will receive the full 10 meeting ban, but 9 meetings will be suspended. Gary has been warned that any further incidents of a similar nature will see the full ban being served.  NHRPA 

Tyre Contamination  

Spedeworth/Incarace would like to make everyone aware that we are awaiting all of the proper legal equipment to come from America so that we can start checking tyres for any types of fluids which may be being put into tyre compounds that are not found to be standard to the manufacturers specifications.


Random checks will take place throughout the season, and not only at championship events. This will include all Spedeworth/Incarace tracks and Spedeworth-associated tracks.


Anyone found to have contaminated tyres will receive an automatic 12 months ORCi ban.

NHRPA Announcement – National Hot Rod in-car cameras

The NHRPA would like to confirm the use of in-car cameras for National Hot Rods will continue for a trial period – there being no end date to the trial until otherwise advised.  Any driver who wishes to submit footage for review by the NHRPA must do so by 6pm on the Tuesday following any National Hot Rod race meeting (whether the meeting is held on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday) clearly stating the reason for providing the footage.  The NHRPA will then confirm whether subsequent action, if any, is to be taken and will confirm the situation to any drivers impacted. Action will not be taken in every instance and the decision of the NHRPA will be final.  Kind regards,  NHRPA

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